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Notice of General Permission under Sections 52 and 53 of the Biosecurity Act 1993 for the Sale of Certain Tomato Fruit (Notice No. MPI 1324)

Under sections 52(d) and 53(2) of the Biosecurity Act 1993, I give notice that:

  1. I permit any person to communicate, exhibit for sale, offer for sale, and sell tomato fruit harvested from 153 Harrisville Road, Tuakau, Auckland.
  2. The purpose of this permission is to enable the ordinary process of the sale of tomato fruit that is, or may be, infected with pepino mosaic virus (PepMV), an unwanted organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993.
  3. PepMV affects solanaceous plants, including tomatoes. The tomato fruit covered by this permission have been harvested in accordance with strict biosecurity controls, to minimise the risk of spread of PepMV to other plants. PepMV does not present any human or animal health risk.
  4. This notice is valid from the date of signing until it is revoked.

Dated at Wellington this 17th day of May 2021.

VERONICA HERRERA, Chief Technical Officer, Ministry for Primary Industries.