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Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Goods

In the matter of section 156 of the Property Law Act 2007, and in the matter of the Mortgage over goods (A KiwiPlus Facility Agreement dated 19 December 2019 and a Business Term Loan Agreement dated 7 August 2020 (“the Mortgages”)) over a 1992 Hyster H2.5 XL Forklift Serial No.: C177B9608N, a 2001 Kenworth T904 VIN 6F50000001A421686, Registration No.: CAT6OO, a 2010 Mack Trident VIN 6FMY12E69AD801667, Registration No.: FPA703, a 2012 Kenworth K108 Log Truck VIN 6F5000000CA446277 Registration No.: GHF669, a 2015 MTE35 15 Transport Trailer VIN 7A9MT40WAF1001035 Registration No.: 2K422, a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Ute VIN MPBUMFF50KX215884 Registration No.: MJD840, a 2019 Patchell 5A Log Trailer (TR9) VIN 7AT0KJ0YX19191105 Registration No.: 66N73, a 1996 Nissan Atlas light truck VIN 7A8DH1G0803744038 Registration No.: CML529, a 2012 Ford Ranger XLT Ute VIN MNAUMFF50CW107727 Registration No.: GHC923, a 2015 Western Star log truck VIN 5KKMBEDR7FPGL0214 Registration No.: HYH579, a 2007 Patchell 5A log trailer VIN 7A8KJ010207070207 Registration No.: J532T, a Brent Smith Trailer Serial No.: 21550 and Registration No.: Z2060, a 2003 Morgan Btrain VIN 7A8H9000203023310 and Registration No.: B989F, a 2003 Morgan Btrain VIN 7A8H9000203023311 Registration No.: B990F, a 1995 Steelbro SBK21 VIN 7A9S55004S1005000 Registration No.: P15N, a 2007 Patchell Trailer (TR13) VIN 7A8KJ000207070401 Registration No.: K480C, a 2000 Patchell 3 Axle log trailer VIN 7A8KJ000200725371 Registration No.: 5U649, a 2000 Evans 4A VIN 7A85N040200272912 Registration No.: 4968R, a 2012 Kenworth K200 VIN 6F5000000CA446496 Registration No.: GJK796, a 2007 Kenworth K104B VIN 6F50000007A434534 Registration No.: EDT490, a Patchell Log Trailer VIN 7A8KJ010202020301 Registration No.: 383AH, a 2012 Mack Trident VIN 6FMY12G69BD802655 Registration No.: GGJ67, a 2016 Kenworth K200 Log Truck VIN 6F5000000GA456582 Registration No.: JUB564, a 1993 McEwan Trailer Registration No.: T250D, a 1993 McEwan Trailer Registration No.: R8995, a 2002 Patchell 4A VIN 7A8KJ010202020804 Registration No.: A873C, a 2003 Patchell 3 Axle Log Trailer VIN 7A8KJ000203030413 Registration No.: B163S, a 2020 Modern Transport 5A Bulk Tipper Trailer VIN 7AT0H900X20215930 Registration No.: 54R52, a 2009 Patchell Trailer VIN 7A8KJ010209090909 Registration No.: P189K,a 2010 Kenworth K108 Log Truck VIN 6F5000000AA442882 Registration No.: FMF953, a 2009 Freightliner Argosy VIN 1FVMAWCK59LAL1066 Registration No.: FOLDER, a 2009 Kraft Baileybridge VIN 7A8KC0A0209090583 Registration No.: P236H, a 2010 Freightliner Argosy VIN 1FVMAWCK59LAH7816 Registration No.: UHL5, a 2009 Kenworth K108 VIN 6F50000008A436622 Registration No.: KMP468 and a 2010 Frieghtliner Argosy Serial No.: 1FVMAWCK7BLAX5818 Registration No.: FQJ89 (the “Mortgaged Goods”).

Notice is hereby given that on 18 June 2021, Kiwi Asset Finance Limited (“Mortgagee”) entered into possession of the Mortgaged Goods following the failure of the mortgagor, Titan Bulk Haulage Limited to comply with the terms of the Mortgage.

Communications regarding the Mortgaged Goods may be addressed to Anthony Harper, Level 9, Anthony Harper Tower, 62 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch or PO Box 2646, Christchurch. Email:

C. R. VINNELL, Solicitor for the Mortgagee.