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Notice Under the Social Security Act 2018

In accordance with section 102 of the Social Security Act 2018, notice is given of the making of the following instrument by the Minister for Social Development.

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Social Security Act 2018, section 101

Special Needs Grants (Refugees, Protected Persons and Afghan Interpreters ReEstablishment Grants) Amendment 2020


A copy of the instrument is available for free at:

This instrument, which comes into force on 9 November 2020, amends the Special Needs Grants Programme made under section 124(1)(d) of the Social Security Act 1964, and saved by clause 21 of Schedule 1 of the Social Security Act 2018, as if it were made under section 101 of that Act.

This instrument increases the amount of, and makes fully non-recoverable, re-establishment grants for eligible refugees and protected persons. Eligibility has also been extended to Afghan interpreters granted a residence class visa by the Minister of Immigration as an exception to instructions under section 72(3) of the Immigration Act 2009.

This instrument also makes a minor technical amendment to the wording of clause 14C.5.

This instrument is a disallowable instrument for the purposes of the Legislation Act 2012 and is administered by the Ministry of Social Development.

Dated this 9th day of October 2020.

Hon CARMEL SEPULONI, Minister for Social Development.