Notice Type
General Notices
Notice Title

Unclaimed Property

Notice of Election by Public Trust to Become Manager Under Part VII of the Public Trust Act 2001


  1. Thomas Edmond Wilson Dorward, Phillipa Mary Dorward and David Bryce (“Owners”) are the registered owner of the property mentioned in the Schedule hereto.
  2. Public Trust has been informed and believes after due enquiry that the Owners of the property are dead.
  3. After due enquiry Public Trust does not know whether the owners of the property have any agent or administrator in New Zealand with authority to take possession of and administer the property; or where the agent or administrator is; or whether the agent or administrator is alive or dead.
  4. The gross value of the property (as estimated by Public Trust) does not exceed $40,000.
  5. Public Trust is satisfied that it is advisable in the interests of another person that Public Trust elects to be the manager of the property under Part VII of the Public Trust Act 2001.
  6. Public Trust has advertised its intention to elect to be the manager of the property in the 16 November 2019 edition of the Otago Daily Times, which is a newspaper circulating in the locality where the property is situated and believed by Public Trust to be an appropriate advertising medium.
    Now therefore Public Trust in exercise of the authority conferred on it by section 101(1) of the Public Trust Act 2001, hereby elects to be manager of the property under Part VII of the Act.


Part Section 18, Block VI, Hillend Survey District (“property”) and being Record of Title OT171/83, Otago Land Registry. The piece of land is located on the corner of Coe and Paterson Roads, Hillend, Clutha District.

Dated at Lower Hutt this 14th day of November 2019.

Signed on Behalf of Public Trust by an Authorised Signatory:
RAEWYN GARRY, Senior Business Services Administrator, Public Trust Lower Hutt.