A revocation and replacement to this notice was published on 3 August 2017, Issue No. 77, Notice No. 2017-ln3978.

Notice Type
Land Notices
Notice Title

Reservation of Land

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Operations Manager, Department of Conservation Auckland, acting under a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, hereby vests the land described in the Schedule as a local purpose (esplanade) reserve for the purposes specified in section 23 of the Reserves Act 1977.

North Auckland Land District—Auckland



6540 Section 1 and 2 SO 495910 (all New Zealand Gazette, 25 August 2016, Issue No. 75, Notice No. 2016-ln4818).

Dated this 18th day of July 2017.

NICHOLAS TUROA, Operations Manager, Auckland (Acting).

(DOC Ref: R51394)