Notice Type
Land Notices
Notice Title

Notice Redefining the Purpose for Which the Maori Reservation is Made

Pursuant to section 338(5)(d) of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993, on the recommendation of the Maori Land Court, the Maori lands referred to in the Schedule in the notice dated the 28th day of September 1960 and published in the
New Zealand Gazette, 6 October 1960, No. 64, page 1561, are hereby redefined in terms of the persons or class of persons for whose use or benefit the reservations are made by replacing the hapu name
with the name
"Te Mahurehure".
North Auckland Land District
All that piece of land situated in Block IX Purua Survey District, Block XVI Mangakahia Survey District, Block XIII Purua Survey District and described as follows:
ha Description
0.4046 Whatitiri 13Z3, all the land in 294603, North Auckland Land Registry.
0.8093 Whatitiri 13Z4, all the land in 294604, North Auckland Land Registry.
1.6187 Whatitiri 5, all the land in 485094, North Auckland Land Registry.
0.4046 Whatitiri 7, all the land in 492809, North Auckland Land Registry.
8.0937 Whatitiri 8, all the land in 476720, North Auckland Land Registry.
0.0893 Whatitiri 9, all the land in 501468, North Auckland Land Registry.
4.8000 Whatitiri No. 1C No. 3 (Part general land in Computer Freehold Register NA203/185), North Auckland Land Registry.
Dated at Wellington this 6th day of May 2013.
MICHELLE HIPPOLITE, Chief Executive, Ministry of Maori Development.
(Appln A20110007133)