Notice Type
Notice Title

Reassessment of Anti-dumping Duty: Diaries From Alco International Company Limited

Pursuant to section 14(6) of the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988 ("the Act"), the Minister
of Commerce, having carried out a reassessment of the
anti-dumping duty applying to imports into New Zealand
of diaries from China as specified in the First Schedule to this notice (the "subject goods"), and having determined
a new rate of anti-dumping duty applicable for those goods from a specified exporter, gives the following notice.
N o t i c e
Title and commencement-(1) This notice may be cited as the "Reassessment of Anti-dumping Duty: Diaries From Alco International Company Limited".
(2) This notice is to be read in conjunction with the notice "Final Determination of Dumping Investigation: Diaries From The People’s Republic of China and Malaysia" (New Zealand Gazette, 18 October 2007, No. 112, page 2995).
(3) Pursuant to sections 14(6) and 14(4) of the Act, I have determined the amount of anti-dumping duty to be imposed on the subject goods from the company specified to be the rate set out in the Second Schedule to this notice.
(4) Pursuant to section 17(c)(i) of the Act, the reassessed anti-dumping duty set out in the Second Schedule to this notice shall apply to imports of the goods specified in the First Schedule with effect from the day after the date of this notice.
(5) Where anti-dumping duties imposed as a result of
this notice are lower than those previously in place, in accordance with section 14(10) of the Act, importers may apply to New Zealand Customs for a refund of the difference between the anti-dumping duties imposed by this notice and the anti-dumping duty paid from 11 December 2009.
First Schedule
Goods Subject to Determination
Country of Origin
The People’s Republic of China
Description of Goods
Diaries with or without covers excluding: diaries with steel ring binders; and wallplanners.
The goods are currently classified under Tariff Items
and Statistical Keys 4820.10.00 02J, 4820.90.09.01G, and 4820.90.09.29G of the Tariff of New Zealand, which classification is provided for convenience and Customs purposes only, the written description being dispositive.
Second Schedule
Amount of Anti-dumping Duty
The amount of anti-dumping duty to be paid on demand, in respect of each importation of diaries imported or intended to be imported into New Zealand from China, shall be the
ad valorem percentage rate specified for the company named below which shall be applied to the value for duty of the goods.
Company Ad Valorem Percentage
Rate of Duty
Alco International Company Limited 30%
Dated at Wellington this 7th day of September 2010.
HON SIMON POWER, Minister of Commerce.