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Justices of the Peace (Retired)

It is noted for information that, pursuant to section 3C(2)
of the Justices of the Peace Act 1957, I have authorised
the following persons to have the designation Justice of the Peace ("JP") (retired):
Alan John Duggan, of Kerikeri.
Charles Alexander Smellie, of Kerikeri.
Dale Virginia McCrindle, of Blenheim.
Alexander Frederick Familton, of Christchurch.
David Murray Dannefaerd, of New Plymouth.
Roger Douglas Jull, of Napier.
Mohan Ganda, of Auckland.
Alison Dorothy Shapcott, of Napier.
Thomas Henry Esler, of Timaru.
Mervyn Francis Blakemore, of Pleasant Point.
Beatrice Dorothy Anne Town, of Wellington.
Jocelyn Barbara Fish, of Hamilton.
Dated at Wellington this 11th day of June 2010.
BELINDA CLARK, Secretary for Justice.