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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Approval of Code of Practice

Pursuant to section 79(5) of the Hazardous Substances
and New Organisms Act 1996, the Environmental Risk Management Authority advises that it approved on 4 April 2008, version 2 of the Code of Practice for the Management of Existing Stationary Container Systems up to 60,000 litres Capacity.
This code is intended to provide a means of compliance with the regulatory requirements of Schedule 8 clause 100(2)(c), Schedule 9 clause 3(1)(b) and Schedule 9 clause 4(4)(d) of the Hazardous Substances (Dangerous Goods and Scheduled Toxic Substances) Transfer Notice 2004 (as amended) in respect of stationary tanks up to 60,000 litres capacity for the containment of hazardous substances that were:
? in use prior to 1 April 2004; or
? were designed and which construction had commenced by 1 April 2004.
Version 2 of this code includes provision for:
? rotationally moulded tanks;
? diesel tanks up to 2500 litres capacity on farms to have nil secondary containment; and
? diesel tanks up to 5000 litres capacity in remote buildings.
This code can be inspected at the Wellington office of ERMA New Zealand, Level 1, BP House, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, or can be downloaded from the ERMA New Zealand website
ROB FORLONG, Chief Executive, ERMA New Zealand.