Notice Type
Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Exemption From Specified Requirements of the Traffic Regulations 1976

Pursuant to Regulation 90 (2) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, I, Paul Patrick Chapman, Vehicle Compliance Officer, hereby exempt the motor vehicle specified in Schedule 1 of this notice from the requirements of the Traffic Regulations 1976 listed in Schedule 2, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 3.
Schedule 1
Vehicle details
Make: Austin
Model: Taxi
Year: 1983
VIN No.: 7A80T1X0700058114
Schedule 2
Exempted requirements
Regulation 78A (c) Seat belts
Schedule 3
(i) All seat belts must be in sound condition and good working order and must not be modified in any way;
(ii) (a) Approved two point lap seat belts are to be fitted to the two seating positions in the rearward facing seats;
(b) All other sitting positions are to be fitted with the seat belts required by Regulation 78A;
(iii) This exemption may be revoked at any time; and
(iv) A copy of this notice must be carried in the vehicle at all times and be readily available for inspection.
Signed at Hamilton this 7th day of March 2001.
PAUL PATRICK CHAPMAN, Vehicle Compliance Officer, acting under the authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation dated 3 May 1999.