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Levy on Rural Land in the Otago Region Pursuant to the Biosecurity (Bovine Tuberculosis Otago Land Levy) Order 1998 made under the Biosecurity Act 1993, a levy is payable to the Animal Health Board (Inc) by the occupiers of all rural landholdings 4 hectares or more in area in the Otago Region. The purpose of the levy is to partially fund Tb vector control operations in Otago under the National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Strategy. The levy is payable at the following rates (G.S.T. exclusive): 0.094% of capital value for property within a Regional Vector Control zone. 0.036% of capital value for property within a National Vector Control zone. 0.026% of capital value for property which is not within either a Regional of National Vector Control zone. These rates are lower than the maximum rates provided for in legislation. For the purpose of calculating levies payable, no property shall be valued at more than $10,000 per hectare. Land occupiers will be invoiced by the Animal Health Board for levies payable on or after 8 February 1999. The due date for payment of levies is 31 March 1999. DON LINKLATER, Chairman, Animal Health Board.
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28 Jan 1999

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