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Marriage Celebrants for 1998 Notice No. 3 Pursuant to the provisions of section 10 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information: Andrews, Rosemary Helen, Metaphysical Ministry of New Zealand. Brewster, Linda Joy, Assemblies of God in New Zealand. Bullen, Brian Murray, Tauranga Faithway Ministries Trust. Calvert, Kenneth Charles, Presbyterian. Clark, David Scott, Presbyterian. Findlay, Lewis Wilson, New Life Churches of New Zealand. Foley, Douglas, Anglican. Gunson, Harold, Anglican. Hagen-Campbell, Vickie Eunice Susan, Anglican. Horwood, Lynnette Carol, Anglican. Irwin, Donald Maurice, Masterton Community Church. Kupenga, Anaru Totorewa Tipua, Anglican. Lambert, Dinah Hirani, Anglican. Mafiti, Kolokota, Brethren. McDonald, Marie Wikitoria, Anglican. Olson, Murray, Anglican. Parker, Christine Elizabeth, Presbyterian. Parker, John Winston, Anglican. Patia, Ngatokorua, Cook Islands Christian Church. Pickett, Raymond John, Elim Church of New Zealand. Pirini, John Toko, Te Hahi O Huria Christian Fellowship. Roberts, Joan Dorothy, Metaphysical Ministry of New Zealand. Scheuerle, Darren Lloyd, Central Auckland Church of Christ. Self, David William, Anglican. Stevens, Kathleen Nora, The Rock City Church, Wellington. Taime, Joel, Cook Islands Christian Church. Thompson, Leith Douglas Percy, Church of Christ. Wallis, David Robert, West City Christian Centre. Wong Too, Elizabeth, Salvation Army. Dated at Lower Hutt this 13th day of January 1998. B. E. CLARK, Registrar-General.
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15 Jan 1998

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