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Union of Reserves Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Regional Conservator, Canterbury, declares that on and after the date of publication of this notice, the reserves described in the Schedule hereto, shall be united to form one reserve. Schedule Canterbury Land DistrictChristchurch City 5.2210 hectares, being Lot 2, D.P. 37685. All certificate of title 16K/33. Subject to fencing covenants in transfers 282019 and 93059/1. 5.6656 hectares, being Lot 2, D.P. 22949. All certificate of title 3C/845. Subject to a right to drain sewage and convey electric power and telephonic communications as contained in transfer 769246/1. 5.9589 hectares, being Reserve 5135. Part certificates of title 297/40 and 335/153. All New Zealand Gazette, 1961, page 846. 2.3760 hectares, being Lot 2, D.P. 36594. All certificate of title 15K/255. Dated at Christchurch this 20th day of June 1997. M. J. CUDDIHY, Regional Conservator, Canterbury. (DOC D.O. RSR 013)2
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3 Jul 1997

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