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Medical Practitioners' Disciplinary Hearing Adjournment I, Andrew Graham McNab, registered medical practitioner, hereby agree to accept and undertake to comply with the following conditions required by the Medical Council of New Zealand in relation to the decision to grant an adjournment of the disciplinary hearing: 1. I agree not to practise and I will not apply for an annual practising certificate in the period leading up to the hearing in the Court of Appeal of my appeal against conviction and sentence. 2. I further agree that in the event my appeal to the Court of Appeal is not successful, I agree not to practise and I will not apply for an annual practising certificate during the period from the decision of the Court of Appeal to the hearing before the Medical Council pursuant to section 56a (5) of the Medical Practitioners Act 1968. 3. I agree to apply for urgency in setting the date for hearing my appeal in the Court of Appeal. 4. I agree to abide by a total ban on all prescribing. 5. I agree to place a notice in the New Zealand Gazette setting out the conditions of my undertaking with the Medical Council, pursuant to section 64 of the Medical Practitioners Act 1968. 6. I accept that a copy of my signed undertaking will be sent to Health Benefits Limited, the Accident Compensation and Rehabilitation Insurance Corporation, the 4 Regional Health Authorities, the Medical Officer of Health (National) and the Regional Medicines Control Advisors. 7. I accept that any breach of the conditions of this undertaking will result in the council referring that breach to the Preliminary Proceedings Committee. ANDREW GRAHAM McNAB.
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14 Dec 1995

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