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Notice to Claimants Notice is hereby given to the following person who is a former employee of U.E.B. Industries Limited and its associated companies, whose whereabouts is currently unknown, and every person who may claim through this person, that they may be entitled to claim under U.E.B. Industries Limited Pension Plan. Such persons are required to send details of their claim to the trustees, U.E.B. Industries Limited Pension Plan, care of The Wyatt Company (NZ) Limited, Level Four, 26 Crowhurst Street, P.O. Box 9594, Newmarket, Auckland. Telephone: (0649) 524 0047. Facsimile: (0649) 524 7992. (Attention: Patricia Oram.) Claims must be received by 5 p.m., 5 April 1995. Claimants are warned that after this date the trustees of U.E.B. Industries Limited Pension Plan may make an application to the Court for directions to disregard or exclude the person listed below from any distribution under the plan. This notice is published, pursuant to section 76 of the Trustee Act 1956. The former employee is Moyle, Gary Stephen, last known address 3/14 Lonsdale Street, Ellerslie, Auckland. Born 20 January 1955.
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2 Feb 1995

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