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Land Taken for Airport Purposes in Palmerston North City CATHERINE A. TIZARD, Governor-General A PROCLAMATION Pursuant to the Public Works Act 1981, I, Dame Catherine Anne Tizard, g.c.m.g., d.b.e., the Governor-General of New Zealand, declare the land described in the Schedule hereto, to be taken for airport purposes and to be vested in the Crown on the 14th day after the publication of this Proclamation in the New Zealand Gazette. Schedule Wellington Land District Area ha Being 1.8404 Part Lot 2, D.P. 15662; marked ``A'' on S.O. Plan 35388. (Part certificate of title 804/42). Situated in Block VII, Kairanga Survey District. Given under the hand of Her Excellency the Governor- General of New Zealand, and issued under the Seal of New Zealand, this 3rd day of December 1993. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Lands. l.s.God Save The Queen! (DOSLI Wg. 5900-04-02; 696158)1CL/1
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16 Dec 1993

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