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Appointment/Release of Receivers & Managers
Heating World (NZ) Limited Notice of Appointment of Receiver and Manager Pursuant to Section 346 (1) of the Companies Act 1955 Raymond George Deaker, company manager and Ann Beverley Deaker, his wife, both of Christchurch, hereby give notice that on the 5th day of November 1993, they appointed John Anthony Wheelans of Christchurch, chartered accountant as the receiver and manager of the property of Heating World (NZ) Limited under the powers contained in a debenture, dated the 1st day of February 1991, which property consists of all the undertaking, goodwill and assets relating to the operation of the business carried on by the said Heating World (NZ) Limited. Further particulars can be obtained from the receiver, whose address is care of Messrs Ashton Wheelans & Hegan, Chartered Accountants, 127 Armagh Street, Christchurch. Dated this 5th day of November 1993. R. G. Deaker and A. B. Deaker, by their solicitor and duly authorised agent: D. M. LANG. Address for Service: Ashton Wheelans & Hegan, Chartered Accountants, P.O. Box 13-042, Christchurch.
Publication Date
18 Nov 1993

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