Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017

The applicant described below has applied under section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the removal of a Right of Way at South Auckland. The applicant claims the Right of Way is redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

I intend to remove the Right of Way on 3 June 2022 if no objections have been received before that date. You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land by 3 June 2022.

Land Registration District: South Auckland.

Application Number: 12269112.2.

Applicant: Judith Elizabeth Smith, Margaret Joyce Smith and Philip William Rogers c/- Tompkins Wake, PO Box 258, Hamilton 3240 or email

Easement: Right of way over part Lot 1 DPS 85510 marked B on DPS 63574 in Record of Title SA67C/26 owned by Judith Elizabeth Smith, Margaret Joyce Smith, Philip William Rogers for the benefit of Lot 6 DP 463549 in Record of Title 738650 owned by Family Shield Limited, Lot 1 DPS 77279 in Record of title SA61B/858 owned by Brian Ralph Dale, Robert Alan Marsh Gray, Robyn Anne Gray, Lot 1 DPS 92161 in Record of title SA72D/621 owned by Sheila Morrow, William James Gordon Morrow, Lot 2 DPS 92161 in Record of title SA72D/622 owned by Tallulah Farms Limited, Lot 3 DPS 92161 in Record of title SA72D/623 owned by Craig Peter Gribble, Garth Littlejohn, Jennifer Gwen Jago, Lot 4 DPS 92161 in Record of title SA72D/624 owned by Phillip Ivan Rae, Tania Fay Holdsworth created by Transfer and Grant of Easement 72801 registered on 3 May 1913.

Circumstances: The easement is extinguished because it is redundant as the benefited land no longer adjoins the burdened land because of DPS 77279 and DPS 85016 and as a result, the easement has no practical effect.

Dated at Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch, this 6th day of May 2022.

C. POP, for Registrar-General of Land.