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Land Notices
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Revocation of a Notice Relating to a Conservation Area and Issue of a Fresh Notice

Under the Conservation Act 1987, and by reason of an error made in the notice described subsequently, the undersigned revokes the notice headed “Declaring Land to be held for Conservation Purposes” dated 22 June 2021 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 24 June 2021, Notice No. 2021-ln2514, and issues the following notice as a fresh notice in its place:

Declaring Land to be Held for Conservation Purposes

Under section 7(1A) of the Conservation Act 1987, the undersigned declares that the land described in the Schedule is held for conservation purposes.

Southland Land District—Southland District


0.2171 Lots 2 and 3 DP 286 and Section 207 Block I Paterson Survey District.

Dated in Oban this 30th day of June 2021.

PHILLIP TISCH, Operations Manager, Stewart Island/Rakiura District, Department of Conservation.