Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of National Security and Public Order Notification

Pursuant to section 87(2)(a) of the Overseas Investment Act 2005 (“Act”), notification is hereby given of the required “notice” under section 87(1) of the Act.

The “notice” authorises the manner in which a notification under section 85 of the Act must be given.

The “notice” specifies the required content of the notification of the call-in transaction, approves the form for the notification and authorises notification to be given on behalf of an overseas person or associate and the manner for doing so.

Pursuant to section 87(2)(b) of the Act, the “notice” is published on the Toitū Te Whenua, Land Information New Zealand website at:

LOUISE HORNABROOK, Programme Development Manager, Toitū Te Whenua, Land Information New Zealand.