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Rural School Turning Vehicle Hazard Variable Speed Limit—Langdale Road, Whareama School, Masterton, School Variable Speed Limit

Pursuant to clause 5.2(1) of the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017 and a delegation from Waka Kotahi, the NZ Transport Agency, I, Glenn Bunting, Manager Network Safety, approve a variable speed limit at Whareama School, Masterton as described in Schedule 1, in accordance with the conditions set out in this notice:


1. Variable Speed Limit

The Masterton District Council may set a variable speed limit of 60km/h at the school listed in Schedule 1, to manage the safety of all road users when vehicles are turning at the school, or when there is pedestrian or cycle activity on the road outside the school.

2. Length of Variable Speed Limit

At the location described in Schedule 1 the variable speed limit on the main road on which the school is located should not be longer than 580 metres.

3. Periods of Operation

The variable speed limit may operate for a maximum period of:

  1. 35 minutes before the start of school, until the start of school;
  2. 20 minutes at the end of school, beginning no earlier than five minutes before the end of school; and
  3. 10 minutes at any time when vehicles are entering or leaving the school grounds or there is pedestrian or cycle activity on the road outside the school.

4. Signs

Speed limit signs type R1–2.1, Option B, that comply with the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 must be installed to identify the section of road subject to the variable speed limit. When the variable speed limit is operating, the speed limit must be displayed on variable speed limit signs. When the variable speed limit is not operating, the variable signs must be blank.

5. Funding

The variable speed limit sign system must be fully funded by the Masterton District Council, there being no claim for it on the National Land Transport Fund.

6. Bylaw

The Masterton District Council must set the variable speed limit by making a bylaw in accordance with the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017.

Schedule 1

Road Controlling Authority School Road Variable Speed Limit
Masterton District Council Whareama School Langdale Road north (5.940m) and south (6.520m) of the school, total distance 580m 60km/h

Signed at Wellington this 31st day of August 2020.

GLENN BUNTING, Manager Network Safety, Waka Kotahi.