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Justices of the Peace (Retired)

It is noted for information that pursuant to section 3c(2) of the Justices of the Peace Act 1957, I have authorised the following persons to have the designation Justice of the Peace (JP) (retired):

Gillian Mary Wright, of Auckland

Nigel Johnstone Allan, of Christchurch

Lyndon William Manson Graham, of Christchurch

Ram Gopal, of Auckland

Christine Mary Rose, of Waitahuna

Patricia Jean Park, of Dunedin

Graeme Vincent Cowley, of Auckland

John Alexander Russell, of Auckland

James Lindsay Creswell, of Blenheim

Julie Anne McLagan, of Porirua

Kathleen Edith Reid, of Taneatua

Elizabeth Ann Sherman, of Opotiki

Murray Alexander Johnson, of Ashburton

John Anderson Fleming, of Ashburton

Ripeka Iritana Ngawera Taipari, of Auckland

Terence John Hunter, of Tauranga

Kevin John Rose, of Hastings

John Kevin Potts, of Upper Hutt

Richard Hugh Williams, of Nelson

Brent Allan Wood, of Queensland

Jennifer Margaret Barrett, of Wanaka

Stewart Bowden, of Whangarei

Bruce Duncan Emmerson, of Whangarei

Geoffrey Barrett Smith, of Whangarei

Cherry Rosemary Jensen, of Rotorua

Philip Ryan, of Invercargill

Garth Hamilton Woodward, of Riverton

Carolyn Elizabeth Ann Hanford, of Waitara

Betty Leung, of New Plymouth

Donald Robert Morton, of New Plymouth

Verne Rose Turner, of Wellington

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of September 2019.

ANDREW KIBBLEWHITE, Chief Executive and Secretary for Justice.