A related notice was published on 1 November 2019, Notice No. 2019-go5027.

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Approval of Silo Park and Viaduct Marina as a Place of First Arrival (Notice No. MPI 966)

Pursuant to section 37 of the Biosecurity Act 1993, notice is given that Silo Park and Viaduct Marina, located at Jellicoe Street, Auckland, and operated by Panuku Development Auckland Limited, are both approved as a place of first arrival as of 22 January 2019 subject to the limitations specified:


Silo Park and Viaduct Marina are able to receive:

  • Super yachts (loadline length exceeding 24 metres and crewed by a professional crew)

that are able to discharge the following cargo types:

  • Non-fare paying passengers, crew and baggage

A copy of the written notice of approval may be inspected or obtained at the Ministry for Primary Industries, Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace, Wellington.

All former approvals in relation to Panuku Development Auckland Limited are revoked.

Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of January 2019.

PETER THOMSON, Director Plants and Pathways, Regulation & Assurance, Ministry for Primary Industries (acting under delegated authority for the Director General).