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Appointment/Release of Liquidators
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Corrigendum—WAITANGI SEAFOOD LIMITED* (in liquidation)

Notice of Appointment of Liquidator

On 21 December 2018, it was resolved by special resolution, pursuant to section 241(2)(a) of the Companies Act 1993, that WAITANGI SEAFOOD LIMITED be liquidated and that Heath Leslie Gair, of Palliser Insolvency, be appointed liquidator.

HEATH GAIR, Liquidator.

Contact Details: Palliser Insolvency, PO Box 57124, Mana, Porirua 5247. Phone: (04) 462 4055. Email:

*An earlier notice published in the New Zealand Gazette, 14 January 2019, Notice No. 2019-al87, incorrectly stated that WAITANGI SEAFOODS 2007 LIMITED was in liquidation. This was made in error and the company in liquidation is WAITANGI SEAFOOD LIMITED.