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General Permission Notice Under Section 53 of the Biosecurity Act 1993 for Sale of Cattle or Cattle Material (Notice No. MPI 854)

Mycoplasma bovis (Mb) is an unwanted organism and new organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993 (“Act”)

Under section 53(2) of the Act, a person appointed as a chief technical officer (CTO) under section 101 of the Act may give permission to persons to allow them to carry out acts prohibited by this section.

Pursuant to section 53 of the Act, I permit the owners or occupiers of properties (“permission holders”) who are acting under the direction, supervision, or authorisation of an Inspector or Authorised Person appointed under the Biosecurity Act 1993, and their agents or employees and any person acting under their direction or control, to:

  1. sell cattle or cattle animal material from properties known or suspected to contain Mb to a processing plant to which an Inspector or Authorised Person appointed under the Act has authorised movement of the cattle or cattle material.

Permission Conditions

  1. Transportation of the cattle and cattle animal material must be carried out in accordance with all conditions imposed by the CTO in any permission given by the CTO for communication and transportation of the cattle and cattle animal material under section 52 of the Act.
  2. The permission holders must notify the person assigned, by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), of any potential change in the risks associated with Mb related to this permission as soon as practicable.
  3. The MPI Chief Technical Officer may amend or revoke this permission by notice in writing if circumstances change or if new information becomes available or to otherwise effectively manage biosecurity risks. The permission holder, or their authorised delegate, will be consulted on significant amendments or revocation to the extent that is reasonably practicable.
  4. Should accidental or deliberate release of Mycoplasma bovis occur, the MPI Chief Technical Officer and a MPI Biosecurity Inspector or Authorised Person must be notified as soon as practicable.
  5. This permission is not transferable or assignable to any other person or entity.
  6. This permission is valid from the date of signing until revoked or amended.
  7. The permission holders have no right of renewal but may request to the MPI Chief Technical Officer to extend this permission at least one month prior to the expiry date of this permission.

The permission given by this notice is given for the purposes of section 53 of the Act only, and does not constitute an exemption from the requirements of any other section of that Act (including Restricted Place Notices and Notices of Direction) or other relevant legislation (including regulations). The permission holder is responsible for being familiar with and complying with any other applicable legislation.

Signed at Wellington this 3rd day of March 2018.

VERONICA HERRERA, Chief Technical Officer, Ministry for Primary Industries.