A revocation to this notice was published on 19 January 2017, Issue No. 4, Notice No. 2017-go233.

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Establishment of a Residence and Revocation of a Gazette Notice Under the Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Act 2014

I, Christopher Finlayson, Acting Minister of Corrections, being satisfied that land and buildings, containing 6605 square metres as marked on SO 498297, are separate and secure, declare, under section 114 of the Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Act 2014, the land and those buildings to be a residence (to be known as the Leimon Public Protection Residence) and revoke the notice dated the 10th day of September 2015 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 10 September 2015, Issue No. 98, Notice No. 2015-go5212 establishing a residence (known as the Leimon Single Unit Public Protection Residence).

Dated at Wellington this 11th day of May 2016.

Hon CHRISTOPHER FINLAYSON, Acting Minister of Corrections.