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Termination of Anti-dumping Duties on Certain Bound Stationery From Malaysia

The following notice is hereby given:
N o t i c e
Title and commencement-(1) This notice may be cited as the Termination of Anti-Dumping Duties on Certain Bound Stationery from Malaysia.
(2) Pursuant to section 14(7) of the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988 ("the Act"), I hereby give notice that I have terminated the anti-dumping duties imposed on the subject goods described in the Schedule to this notice, with effect from 11 September 2012, because a review under section 14(8) of the Act has determined that there is not likely to be a continuation of dumping causing material injury in the foreseeable future if these duties are removed.
(3) Pursuant to section 14(10) of the Act, I have directed Customs to refund any duties paid since 11 September 2012. Any importer that has imported the subject goods and
paid anti-dumping duty since this date may apply to the New Zealand Customs Service for a refund.
Goods Subject to Review
Country of Origin
Description of Goods
Exercise books, note books, project books, sketch pads and pads of a type intended for the purpose of writing/drawing, suited primarily for primary, post-primary schools and commercial sectors, having the following specifications:
HEIGHT: Not less than 75 millimetres ("mm") and not more than 450mm.
WIDTH: Not less than 75mm and not more than 450mm.
LEAF: Not less than 20 and not more than 300.
PAGES: Not less than 40 and not more than 600.
- Includes perforated or hole punched pages.
- Can be printed/unprinted.
- All colours.
PAPER WEIGHT: Not less than 45 grams per square metre (gsm) and not more than 150gsm.
LINES: Ruled or un-ruled; print any colour.
COVER: Can be hard or soft covers.
- Pads, sketch and other types, may/may not be covers.
- Can be printed/unprinted.
BINDING: Stapled, sewn, glued or wire bound.
Dated at Wellington this 11th day of October 2013.
HON JOHN BANKS, CNZM, QSO, Associate Minister of Commerce.