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Merger of Te Whanau o Tupuranga (556) and Clover Park Middle School (1250)

Pursuant to section 156A of the Education Act 1989,
I hereby declare that Te Whanau o Tupuranga (556) and Clover Park Middle School (1250) will merge on
28 January 2011 with Te Whanau o Tupuranga being the continuing school.
The merged school will be a Year 7-13 designated character school under section 156 of the Education Act 1989.
As the two schools already have the same board of trustees, there will be no change to the board constitution and no need for new board elections.
N o t i c e
The following aims, purposes and objectives constitute the character of the merged school:
(i) To provide a learning environment where Maori tikanga, Samoan, Cook Islands, and Tongan cultural practices, language and knowledge are the norm, and where all students actively take part
in one of these cultural communities within the school.
(ii) To enable children to draw on strong Maori and Pasifika cultures, identities and languages so that they can gain the knowledge and skills necessary
to do well for themselves, their communities, Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific region and the world.
(iii) To provide an holistic Maori-Pasifika learning environment based on the philosophy and practice of whanaungatanga - kinship and reciprocity.
(iv) To honour the Treaty of Waitangi.
(v) To provide the community of Otara with a marae based Maori bilingual option and a Pasifika bilingual option for children beyond Year 6.
(vi) To give students participation in decision-making in curriculum content and planning.
(vii) To develop classroom practice where Maori knowledge and Pasifika cultural knowledge is normal, valid and legitimate, and guides classroom interactions and learning.
(viii) To ensure that children will be secure in their knowledge about the Maori and Pasifika world to enable them to participate in the wider world.
(ix) To involve parents and wider whanau/family in the education of their children, in culturally familiar ways that are empowering.
(x) To foster high expectations for excellence in learning - culturally, socially and academically, so Maori and Pasifika children have choices for their futures.
Dated at Wellington this 27th day of August 2010.
HON ANNE TOLLEY, Minister of Education.