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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Pedestrian Crossing Warning Lights Trial Further Extension

Pursuant to subclause 3.4(11) of the Land Transport
Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004, and pursuant to a
sub-delegation to me by the Director of Land Transport,
I, Lyndon Bryan Hammond, Manager Networks, hereby authorise the further continuation beyond Friday, 4 April 2008* of the installation and maintenance of experimental warning lights at three pedestrian crossings as described
in the notice entitled Pedestrian Crossing Warning Lights TrialÅ until either this Rule is amended to allow their use or a decision is made not to so amend this Rule.
Dated at Wellington this 31st day of March 2008.
*New Zealand Gazette, 6 March 2008, No. 54, page 1530
ÅNew Zealand Gazette, 19 January 2006, No. 5, page 104