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Government Policy Statement Under Section 14 of the Building Act 1991

Pursuant to section 14 of the Building Act 1991, I hereby notify that the following directions relating to the policy of the Government has been given by me to the Building Industry Authority on 11 April 2003:
"The Government is in the process of reviewing the Building Act 1991. This will result in a number of significant changes to the Act, aimed at strengthening building controls and restoring confidence in the building industry. The Government intends introducing a Bill in the House in mid-2003 to enact its policy decisions.
The Government has already decided that the appropriate institutional form for the role and functions currently performed by the Building Industry Authority (BIA) is a department of State rather than a Crown entity. This policy decision will be reflected in the new building industry legislation. A decision on which Department is to be responsible in the longer term for regulation of building will be taken at the end of July 2003.
The Government would like a smooth transition to the new institutional structure when the Bill is passed into law.
The Government requests that the BIA work closely with the Ministry of Economic Development to create a set of transitional arrangements that:
? ensures that the BIA continues to effectively perform its day-to-day regulatory business under the existing legislation;
? repositions the organisation for the enhanced role that will result from the current review and builds strategic capacity and management systems to carry out the role effectively; and
? strengthens relationships with a range of stakeholders and enables them to contribute to the reform and transition processes.
There are changes that can be implemented before legislation is passed. In particular, the Government is looking to the Chair to take the lead in building the credibility and profile of the BIA, and promoting a more proactive culture within the BIA. Stakeholders in the sector are looking to the BIA for real leadership.
In addition, the Government requests that the BIA co-ordinates closely with the Ministry of Economic Development on the development of implementation strategies for the new legislation, on the assumption that the Bill will be passed into law in early 2004."
LIANNE DALIZIEL, Minister of Commerce.