Notice Type
Land Notices
Notice Title

Land Declared No Longer Required for

Education Purposes
Pursuant to section 5A of the Education Lands Act 1949, and pursuant to an authority delegated to me, I, Paul Dickson Burke, Group Manager Property, Ministry of Education Wellington, hereby give the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. The land described in the Schedule to this notice is no longer required for education purposes.
2. This notice shall come into force on 20 June 2002.
ha Description
4.2573 More or less, being Lot 3, Deposited Plan 4464, all certificate of title NL111/191, Nelson Land Registration District.
1.0977 More or less, being Lot 3, Deposited Plan 2730, all certificate of title NL82/124, Nelson Land Registration District.
0.3296 More or less, being part Sections 49 and
50, Greytown Town Belt, all land contained
in Proclamation 470787, Wellington Land Registration District.
0.0916 More or less, being Lot 126, Deposited Plan S. 4503 being part the land contained in Proclamation S. 150306, South Auckland Land Registration District.
0.0809 More or less, being Lot 48, Block I, Kaingaroa Survey District, as shown on plan S.O. 41126, lodged in the office of the Chief Surveyor at Hamilton and thereon edged red. New Zealand Gazette, 22 March 1978, No. 20, page 652, South Auckland Land District.
0.1214 More or less, situated in Block XI, Puketi Survey District, being Section 18, Block VII, Turangi Suburban, former certificate of title 442/134. New Zealand Gazette, 15 January 1981, No. 1, page 10, Wellington Land District.
0.3369 More or less, being part Section 287, Whareama Block (S.O. 21838) and Lot 151, Deposited Plan 224, being part section 287, Whareama Block.
New Zealand Gazette, 5 April 1956, No. 21, page 471, Wellington Land District.
0.0680 More or less, situated in the Borough of Kawerau, being Lot 156, Deposited Plan S. 4716, and being part Allotment 315, Matata Parish. Formerly all deferred payment licence, 1422/13, South Auckland Land Registry, limited as to parcels. New Zealand Gazette, 4 August 1966, No. 46, page 1234, South Auckland Land District.
0.0643 More or less, situated in Block XII, Tokomairiro Survey District, Borough of Milton, and being parts Section 102, described as part Lot 26, Deposited Plan 7609. Part New Zealand Gazette, 19 October 1961, No. 66, page 1603, Otago Land District.
0.0749 More or less, being Lot 17, Deposited Plan 7069. New Zealand Gazette, No. 78, 28 May 1987, page 2315, Otago Land District.
0.9770 More or less, being Lot 2, Deposited Plan 304553, all certificate of title 18260, Marlborough Land Registration District.
0.0917 More or less, being Lot 23, Deposited Plan 84118 and being part Old Land Claim, all certificate of title NA88C/888, North Auckland Land District.
0.0055 More or less, being Section 1 on S.O. 70665, being part of Lot 161, Deposited Plan 61363, part certificate of title NA125B/790, North Auckland Land Registration District.
Dated at Wellington this 18th day of June 2002.
P. D. BURKE, Group Manager Property, Ministry of Education.