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Exemption From the Requirements in Relation to Stock and Farmed Deer Presented for Slaughter Notice No. 1239

Pursuant to Regulations 4 (11) and 8 (1), and under the authority vested in Regulation 8 (4), the following exemption applies to Regulation 8 subclause (1) and Regulation 4 subclause (11) of the Meat (Residues) Regulations 1996:
"For the purposes of section 7A of the Act, the maximum permissible level at which a substance may be present
in any stock or farmed deer to which Regulation
8 subclause (1) applies, being a substance that is alpha and beta hexacholorocyclohexane (HCCH) is 0.1 parts per million."
Dated at Wellington this 26th day of August 2002.
M. CLEAR, Programme Manager (Residues) (pursuant to delegated authority).