Notice Type
General Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Entry into Possession and Appointment

of Receiver of Income
Memorandum of Mortgage D. 557140.4 in Favour of Securities Registry Limited
The Property Law Act 1952
Re: Lincoln Trustee Company Limited, 136A
Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland.
Take notice that Securities Registry Limited (in its capacity as trustee of the Securities Registry Trust), in exercise of the powers reserved to it under the mortgage, appointed Bayleys Property Management Limited at Auckland as receiver
of income on the 11th day of December 2001, to take possession of Units 4, 5, 6 and 7, 253 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland, being the properties of Lincoln Trustee Company Limited contained in certificates of title 129D/59, 129D/60, 129D/61, 129D/62, all North Auckland Registry, and to exercise all or any of the powers in that behalf conferred on a receiver by the mortgage.
The address of the receiver of income is at the offices of Bayleys Property Management Limited, Maritime Square,
4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue (P.O. Box 8923), Symonds Street, Auckland.
Dated this 17th day of December 2001.