Notice Type
Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Exemption of Vehicles from Standards Compliance for the Purposes of Operation and Certification

Pursuant to section 166 (1) of the Land Transport Act 1998 ("the Act") and Regulation 36 of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990, and being satisfied on those matters in section 166 (2) of the Act, and pursuant to
an authority delegated to me by the Director of Land
Transport Safety, I, Simon Christopher Whiteley, Manager Safer Vehicles Policy, exempt the vehicles specified in Schedule 1 of this notice from the requirements listed
in Schedule 2, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 3.
Schedule 1
Vehicle details
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: C230 Automatic Elegance
Year: 1997
VIN No.: ADB2020236F580413
Date of Importation: October 2001
Owned by: J. van den Berg
Schedule 2
Exempted requirements
1. Sections 2.2 (1) and 2.3 (1) (a) of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 1998 ("the Compliance Rule") in respect of compliance with
the requirements 2, 3 and 4 below;
2. section 4.4 of the Compliance Rule; and
3. the requirements of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 relating to compliance with vehicle standards; and
4. the requirements of the following Land Transport Rules relating to compliance with approved vehicle standards:
Land Transport Rule: Door Retention Systems 1997
Land Transport Rule: Interior Impact 1997
Land Transport Rule: Steering Systems 1997
Land Transport Rule: Frontal Impact 1997
Land Transport Rule: External Projections 1997
Land Transport Rule: Head Restraints 1997
Land Transport Rule: Glazing Windscreen Wipe and Wash and Mirrors 1999
Schedule 3
(i) The vehicle must have current evidence of in service inspection to be operated on the road
(i.e. be displaying a current Warrant of Fitness label).
(ii) This exemption will cease to be valid if the ownership of the vehicle is transferred within
3 years from the date the vehicle was imported into New Zealand.
(iii) A copy of this notice must be carried in the vehicle at all times and be readily available for inspection.
Dated at Wellington this 16th day of January 2002.
SIMON CHRISTOPHER WHITELEY, Manager Safer Vehicles Policy, acting under the authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation dated 3 May 1999.