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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Exemption From Specified Equipment Requirements of the Traffic Regulations 1976

Pursuant to Regulation 90 (2) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, I, John Andrew Justice, Acting Manager Safer Vehicles Policy, acting under delegated authority, hereby exempt the motor vehicle specified in Schedule 1 of this notice from Regulation 70 (1) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 2.
Schedule 1
Vehicle details
Make: Peugot
Model: 205 T16 Group B
Year: 1984
VIN: VF3741R76E5100007
Owned by: Peter Kenneth Johnstone/ Genuine Vehicle Imports Limited
Schedule 2
(a) The vehicle shall have a current MotorSport NZ Authority Card.
(b) The vehicle may only be operated on a public road in accordance with, and for the duration of, the Organising Permit issued by MotorSport NZ for a specific event in which the vehicle is entered to complete.
(c) A copy of this exemption must be carried in the vehicle at all times.
(d) The vehicle continues to be owned by Peter Kenneth Johnstone/Genuine Vehicle Imports Limited.
Signed at Wellington this 28th day of March 2002.
JOHN ANDREW JUSTICE, Acting Manager Safer Vehicles Policy.
Note: This exemption is not transferable. If the vehicle is sold, the new owner must apply to the LTSA for this exemption to be re-issued.