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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Bylaw Regulating the Speed of Vehicles on

State Highways in Transit New Zealand
Regions 9 and 10
Pursuant to section 61 (3) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, Transit New Zealand hereby makes the following bylaw.
B y 1 a w
1. Title and commencement-This bylaw may be cited as the Transit New Zealand (Speed of Vehicles on State Highways) Bylaw 2001/15 and shall come into force
28 days after its publication in the New Zealand Gazette.
2. Interpretation-In this bylaw:
"Vehicle" has the same meaning as in the Transport Act 1962.
3. Limiting speed of vehicles on State highways-No person shall drive or take or permit to be driven or taken any vehicle:
(a) At a speed exceeding 60 kilometres per hour on the sections of State highway described in the First Schedule to this bylaw; or
(b) At a speed exceeding 80 kilometres per hour on the sections of State highway described in the Second Schedule to this bylaw.
First Schedule
4. That section of State Highway No. 1 at Seddon from a point (Route Position 43/8.58) 45 metres north of Fearon Street to a point (Route Position 43/9.27) 35 metres south of Carkeek Street; a distance of 690 metres.
5. That section of State Highway No. 6 at Rai Valley from a point (Route Position 65/1.60) 340 metres north of Hills Road to a point (Route Position 65/2.75) 180 metres north of Bryants Road; a distance of 1.15 kilometres.
Second Schedule
6. That section of State Highway No. 1 that is:
(a) At Paekakariki, commencing at a point (Route Position 942/9.48) 1.26 kilometres north of Beach Road and proceeding in a generally southerly direction to a point (Route Position 953/0.96) 850 metres south of Ames Street; a distance of 2.9 kilometres.
(b) At Tuamarina, from a point (Route Position 18/0.69) 440 metres north of Hunters Road to a point (Route Position 18/1.42) 290 metres south of Hunters Road; a distance of 730 metres.
(c) At Spring Creek, from a point (Route Position 18/4.28) 310 metres north of Rapaura Road to a point (Route Position 18/4.79) 200 metres south of Rapaura Road; a distance of 510 metres.
(d) At St Andrews, from a point (Route Position 28/1.72) 50 metres south of Lybster Street, Blenheim, to a point (Route Position 28/3.23) 100 metres south of Alabama Road; a distance of 1.51 kilometres.
(e) At Ward, from a point (Route Position 73/0.46)
40 metres north of Tachalls Road to a point (Route Position 73/1.77) 90 metres north of West Road; a distance of 1.31 kilometres.
7. That section of State Highway No. 6 that is:
(a) At Woodbourne, from a point (Route Position 0/7.11) 340 metres west of Jacksons Road to a point (Route Position 0/8.18) 1.4 kilometres west of Jacksons Road; a distance of 1.07 kilometres.
(b) At Brightwater, from a point (Route Position 131/4.90) 300 metres south of Clover Road to a point (Route Position 131/6.28) 380 metres south of River Terrace Road; a distance of 1.38 kilometres.
(c) At Nelson:
(i) Main Road Stoke, from a point 100 metres south-west of Dryden Place to Champion Road; a distance of 2.24 kilometres.
(ii) Link Road, from a point 60 metres south-east of Whakatu Drive to Main Road Stoke; a distance of 100 metres.
This bylaw was made by resolution passed by the Transit New Zealand Authority at a meeting held in Wellington on 4 April 2001.
Dated at Wellington this 6th day of April 2001.
Signed on behalf of Transit New Zealand by:
J. H. VAN BARNEVELD, National Highway Manager, Transit New Zealand.