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Summary of Exemptions Granted by the Director of Civil Aviation

Pursuant to section 37 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notification is hereby given of a summary of exemptions as set out in the Schedule hereto, granted by the Director of Civil Aviation.
On: 16 March 2001.
To: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited,
Only with respect to: the collection of atmospheric data by means of a moored balloon and free-lift balloon,
From the requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 101.59 that a person shall not operate a moored balloon or kite at night,
Provided that-
(a) activation of the designated danger areas is-
(i) co-ordinated with Airways Corporation of
New Zealand, Christchurch Operations Group; and
(ii) notified by NOTAM in accordance with 73.59 (c) (3); and
(b) kytoons remain within the prescribed danger area and at a height not exceeding 1,000 feet AMSL; and
(c) the release of free-lift balloons is co-ordinated with Hamilton ATC so as not to present a hazard to aircraft.
This exemption shall remain in effect until 10 May 2001, unless withdrawn earlier in writing by the director.
On: 16 March 2001.
To: Airways Corporation of New Zealand, being the applicant for a temporary ATS operators certificate issued in accordance with Part 172, for provision of an aerodrome control service or flight information service.
From the requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 172.57 (b) (5) (xi) and (xvii) to establish procedures to ensure that any aerodrome mobile tower facility listed in the applicant's exposition is provided with equipment to monitor the status for approach and landing aids and any road or rail signalling equipment affecting the use of a runway; and, if applicable, have installed an airfield lighting controls panel,
Provided that: The Airways Corporation has established procedures acceptable to the director for the temporary ATS unit that-
(a) ensure a means of communication is established between the Christchurch Technical Centre to the ATS unit to ensure that failure of the relevant navigational aids is notified to the ATS unit for relay to affected traffic as soon as practicable; and
(b) where applicable, establish a co-ordination agreement between the temporary ATS unit and the aerodrome operator for control of, and monitoring the status of, the airfield lighting.
This exemption shall remain in effect unless withdrawn in writing by the director.
1/EXE/41-General exemption
On: 15 March 2001.
To: Each person operating an aircraft that has a passenger seating configuration, excluding any flight crew seat, of not more than 19 seats.
From the requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 91.115 (a) (1) that (with exceptions not applicable in this case) no person shall operate an aircraft carrying more than
19 but less than 51 passengers, unless at least one flight attendant is carried.
This exemption shall apply until 1 December 2001, or until withdrawn in writing by the Director, whichever occurs first.
This exemption is identical to, and replaces, exemption 99/EXE/80.
Notice of the grant, withdrawal or denial of exemptions with full provisos is published in the Civil Aviation Rules Register Information Leaflet (CARRIL). For the proviso, refer to issues dated 16 March and 5 April 2001. The CARRIL is available on the CAA web site
Exemption files may also be viewed on prior request to the Rules Registrar at the office of the Civil Aviation Authority, 1 Market Grove (P.O. Box 31-441), Lower Hutt.
Dated at Lower Hutt this 4th day of April 2001.
HILARY KEENAN, Docket Clerk.