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Summary of Exemptions Granted by the Director of Civil Aviation

Pursuant to section 37 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notification is hereby given of a summary of exemptions as set out in the Schedule hereto, granted by the Director of Civil Aviation.
01/EXE/22-CAR 135.367 and 135.369
On: 29 January 2001.
To: Northland Emergency Services Trust Inc with respect
to the Sikorsky S-76A aircraft, serial No. 760012, registration ZK-ISJ, installed with a permanent medical floor and a passenger seating configuration of less than 9, in accordance with modification No. 97/383/DR.
From the Requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 135.367 to ensure each of its helicopters is equipped with a cockpit voice recorder if that:
(a) the helicopter's flight manual requires 2 or more flight crew members; and
(b) the helicopter has a certificated seating capacity of
10 seats or more excluding any required pilot seat;
and From the Requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 135.369 to ensure each of its helicopters with a certificated seating capacity of 10 seats or more, excluding any crew member seat, is equipped with a flight data recorder in accordance with B.4 of Appendix B.
This exemption shall apply unless withdrawn in writing by the director.
01/EXE/34-CAR 91.311 (c) (3)
To: Anthony Howard Monk and John Brian Haora, being the pilots-in-command of helicopters operated by Heletranz Limited for the purpose of a low-level filming operation under and around the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
From the Requirement in: Civil Aviation Rule 91.311 (c) (3) that the aircraft remain outside a horizontal radius of
500 feet of any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure that is not associated with the operation, provided that:
(a) Heletranz Limited aircraft operation is conducted in accordance with the Heletranz specific plan for "Auckland Harbour Bridge Filming Operation"; and
(b) the descent to, and ascent from, the low-level operational area does not commence within a
500 feet horizontal radius of the Auckland Harbour Bridge structure.
This exemption shall remain in effect until 18 February 2001, unless withdrawn earlier in writing by the director.
Notice of the grant, withdrawal or denial of exemptions
with full provisos is published in the Civil Aviation
Rules Register Information Leaflet (CARRIL). For the proviso, refer to issues dated 7 February 2001 and 8 March 2001. The CARRIL is available on the CAA website
Exemption files may also be viewed on prior request to the Rules Registrar at the office of the Civil Aviation Authority, 1 Market Grove (P.O. Box 31-441), Lower Hutt.
Dated at Lower Hutt on the 6th day of March 2001.