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Notice of Entry Into Possession of Mortgaged Property Pursuant to Section 104dd (1) (b) of the Property Law Act 1952 To: Leslie Owen Maxwell Patterson and Anne Patterson (ne Barr): Bank of New Zealand as mortgagee under mortgage No. A. 137372/2, hereby gives notice in accordance with section 104dd (1) (b) of the Property Law Act 1952, that it entered into possession of the property, the subject of the mortgage, being the property situated at 48 Chamberlain Avenue, Amberley Beach, on the 26th day of October 1998, pursuant to its powers under the said mortgage. Signed for and on behalf of the Bank of New Zealand: M. HENRY. Communications Regarding This Notice Are to Be Addressed to: Bank of New Zealand, 75 High Street, Rangiora (Attention: Mr M. Henry).
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21 Jan 1999

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