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Declaring New Section of State Highway No. 16 Helensville to Wellsford Pursuant to section 60 of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, the Transit New Zealand Authority gives notice that, with effect from midnight on 30 June 1998, those sections of road described in the Schedule hereto are declared to be State highway. Schedule No. 16 State Highway to include that section of road between Helensville and Wellsford, commencing at the eastern abutment of the Kaipara River Bridge, Helensville (existing Reference Station 47) and extending in a generally northerly direction along Mill Road, Commercial Road, Garfield Road, Bridge Street, Railway Street, the Kaipara Coast Highway and Port Albert Road to the intersection with State Highway No. 1 at Wellsford (new Reference Station 107) a distance of approximately 58.2 kilometres. Dated at Wellington this 20th day of April 1998. Signed on behalf of Transit New Zealand by: M. K. LAUDER, State Highway Operations Manager. 6
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23 Apr 1998

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