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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice The certificates of title and memoranda of leases described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is given of my intention to issue new certificates of title and provisional leases upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Certificate of title 48C/874 in the name of Kenneth Owen Brennan, welder and Ann Brennan, hairdresser, both of Cambridge. Application B. 378484. Certificate of title 1439/49 in the name of Peter Koru Heke. Application B. 379181. Memorandum of lease S. 601367 affecting certificates of title 15C/419, 15D/594, 15C/908 and 15D/1284, whereby Petrus Adrianus Loomans of Cambridge, retired and Jans Loomans, his wife, are lessees. Application B. 382017. Certificate of title 879/141 in the name of Lindsay George William Taylor of Cambridge, joiner. Application B. 382500. Certificate of title 17C/625 in the name of Eljayess Properties Limited. Application B. 382579. Certificate of title 1267/65 in the name of Sylvia Mary O'Shea of Takapuna, married woman and Michael Patrick O'Shea, student. Application B. 382610. Certificate of title 17D/1144 in the name of Thomas Richard Lawson of Kopuku, farmer and Jennifer Margaret Lawson, married woman. Application B. 382728. Certificate of title 22B/836 in the name of Thomas Rangiuru Wikeepa of Tauranga, labourer. Application B. 382641. Certificate of title 48A/87 in the name of Andrew Marutuehu Kusabs, Eria Tupuritia Moke, Peeti Hapeta Hatu, Donald Mairangi Bennett and Raymond Te Keepa Keepa. Application B. 382270. Certificate of title 12D/530 in the name of Peter Anzac Monkley, sales representative and Diana Margaret Monkley, registered nurse, both of Hamilton. Application B. 380556. Memorandum of lease H. 478399.2 affecting certificates of title 30A/717 and 58A/748 whereby Dallas Leslie Waho, owner driver and Karen Eva Waho, married woman, both of Taupo, are lessees. Application B. 384504. Memorandum of lease S. 580458 affecting certificates of title 15B/608, 15A/449 and 14D/1474 whereby Dulcie Edith Larmer is lessee. Application B. 379886. Dated at Hamilton this 12th day of December 1996. M. COLE, Executive Assistant Land Registrar.
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9 Jan 1997

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