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Medical Practitioners (Election of Medical Members of Council) 1996 Pursuant to Rule 11, I hereby declare the results of the election of four medical members of the Medical Council, held on 29 November 1996. The list is set out in rank order. The four successful candidates are: Alister James Scott Ian Michael St George Mark James Adams Michael Anthony Hugh (Tony) Baird The unsuccessful candidates are: Caroline M. Corkill Charles Peter Anyon John Michael Gibbs Elizabeth M. Williams John Bower Morton Timothy Wilson McKergow Michael Cooper Peter James Francis Foley John Stuart Simpson Alma Margaret Ridgway Rae Ross Warring John Lennane Anthony Eric Hardy Andrew Christopher Ewens Desmond Francis Gorman Patrick Arnold Warren Medlicott William Keith Gibb Glynmor Trevor (Glyn) Thomas Philippa Margaret Mackay Noel Roydhouse Deborah Greig Arthur William Reid Vinton Sinclair Chadwick Nick Judson Pursuant to Rule 13, I give notice that the successful candidates Drs Scott, St George, Adams and Baird will come into office on 13 December 1996, for a term of 3 years. Dated this 5th day of December 1996. GEORGINA A. JONES, Returning Officer (Council Registrar).
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12 Dec 1996

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