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Fees Payable to the Medical Council of New Zealand Pursuant to section 126 of the Medical Practitioners Act 1995, the council gives notice that with effect from 1 July 1996 until the end of the current financial year, 31 March 1997, the following fees are payable (all include G.S.T. unless specified otherwise). A. REGISTRATION FEES For probationary or general registration $622.00 [su'1'][sp5d][su'2'][sp5d][su'5'] For restoration to probationary or general registration $622.00 [su'1'][sp5d][su'2'][sp5d][su'5'] For temporary registration for the purpose of: Giving postgraduate instruction (Class 1) nil Obtaining postgraduate training or experience or carrying out research (Class 2) $310.50 [su'9'] Providing services in special circumstances approved by Council (Class 3) $622.00 [su'3'][sp5d][su'4'] On application for vocational registration $180.00 On admission to vocational registration $198.00 For provision of the following certificates: Extension of Interim Registration $ 30.00 Certificate of Good Standing (or copy) $ 30.00 Certificate of Registration (or copy) $ 30.00 Any other document, certifying registration status or good standing $ 30.00 Annual Practising Certificate (APC) (or Interim APC) $400.00 [su'4'][sp5d][su'6'] Copy of APC $ 30.00 B. ASSESSMENT OF ELIGIBILITY FOR REGISTRATION New Zealand Registration Examination (NZREX): NZREX ENGLISH Overseas Centres[su'7'] NZ Centres Full English Test $640.00 $535.00 Repeat of separate parts (maximum of two): Reading $185.00 $155.00 Writing $185.00 $185.00 Listening $185.00 $155.00 Speaking $215.00 $180.00 NZREX WRITTEN Full Written Test $1470.00 $1200.00 Repeat of individual papers: Paper A $ 890.00 $ 720.00 [sp'Repeat of individual papers: '] Paper B $ 320.00 $ 250.00 [sp'Repeat of individual papers: '] Paper C $ 220.00 $ 180.00 [sp'Repeat of individual papers: '] Paper D $ 160.00 $ 120.00 NZREX CLINICAL NZ Centres Only Whole Clinical $1850.00 Repeat of separate disciplines: Long case $ 900.00 [sp'Repeat of separate disciplines: '] Short case $ 450.00 C. CONTRIBUTION TO MENTORING COSTS 18 month programme $2025.00[su'8'] [lr 6,5d,.5][ql] Key to Annotations [su'1']This fee is reduced to $322 if application is received between 1 October and 6 December. [su'2']This fee is reduced to $222 if application is: (i) received after 6 December, or (ii) for a total period of less than 4 months in New Zealand. [su'3']This fee may be accepted on a quarterly basis ($150.50 per quarter) if appointments are made only on that basis. [su'4']Fee includes disciplinary levy ($231.26). [su'5']Fee includes annual practising certificate fee ($168.75) and disciplinary levy ($231.26). [su'6']APC (including disciplinary levy) is reduced to $100 if issued on or after 1 January. [su'7']Zero GST. [su'8']Refund may be issued if shorter programme recommended. [su'9']Fee does not include disciplinary levy (although this may be included after 1 April 1997). Dated at Wellington this 28th day of May 1996. GEORGINA A. JONES, Secretary/Registrar, Medical Council of New Zealand.
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30 May 1996

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