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Notice of Grant of Easement by Deed Over Railway: North Island Main Trunk Pursuant to sections 12 (3) of the Railway Safety and Corridor Management Act 1992, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Railways Corporation hereby gives notice that an easement has been granted to Clear Communications Limited at Auckland, for the purposes of a fibre optic cable telecommunications system and ancillary facilities, over the land described in the Schedule hereto (being part of the North Island Main Trunk Railway operated by New Zealand Rail Limited). The terms and conditions of the grant of easement dated the 9th day of January 1991, may be inspected by the public at the office of the National Property Manager, New Zealand Rail Limited, Third Floor, Wellington Railway Station, Bunny Street, Wellington, between 9.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Schedule The easement is granted in respect of a strip of land 20 metres wide on the North Island Main Trunk Railway extending from Kaiwharawhara (at track location 2.9 kilometres from Wellington) to Westfield (at track location 644.5 kilometres from Wellington) which railway alignment is more particularly shown on the plans of the land held by the National Property Manager, New Zealand Rail Limited on behalf of New Zealand Railways Corporation at Wellington. Dated at Wellington this 5th day of October 1993. P. K. TROTMAN, for Chief Executive, New Zealand Railways Corporation. (NZR L.O. 33116/-)
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7 Oct 1993

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