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Notice of Result of Poll on Loan Proposal Pursuant to section 38 of the Local Authorities Loans Act 1956, notice is hereby given that a poll of the ratepayers of the Wallacetown Community taken on the 28th day of October 1993 on the proposal of the above-named local authority to make a loan advance of $66,000.00 to be known as `Advance Funding Dunlop Street Upgrade' for the purpose of enabling the Wallacetown Community Board to proceed to undertake and complete road improvement works in Dunlop Street, Wallacetown, resulted as follows: The number of votes recorded for the proposal was: 89 The number of votes recorded against the proposal was: 91 The number of informal votes was: 1 I therefore declare that the proposal was rejected. Dated this 29th day of October 1993. F. G. CARDNO, Mayor. Address: P.O. Box 903, Invercargill.
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4 Nov 1993

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