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Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that the names of the following companies have been struck off the Register and the companies dissolved: Please direct any inquiries to the appropriate district. Auckland Andre Duvani (NZ) Limited AK. 394849. Armrick Investments Limited AK. 368506. Ascent Industries No. 3 Limited AK. 052359. Associated Computing (1989) Limited AK. 440306. Bayntun Holdings Limited AK. 515646. Captive Holdings Limited AK. 523036. Crozet Holdings Limited AK. 512536. Cutfield Enterprises Limited AK. 087418. Devine Agencies Limited AK. 049145. Electronics Master Limited AK. 447069. Emerson Panelbeaters Limited AK. 090817. Energy Control Services Limited AK. 112878. Enjoin Fourteen Limited AK. 359188. Enjoin Sixty Four Limited AK. 408706. Evolutive Marketing Limited AK. 323077. Franklin Electrical Wholesalers Limited AK. 093017. G. & B. Anderson Farms (No. 1) Limited AK. 401533. GSM Holdings Limited AK. 294319. H.R. & S. Taylor Limited AK. 304727. Halfar Enterprises Limited AK. 337546. Hamill Motors Lmvd Limited AK. 520618. Hardex Marketing Limited AK. 109694. Harvest Trading Company (NZ) Limited AK. 513116. Huron Holdings No. 16 Limited AK. 521604. Just Facts Limited AK. 335668. K.P. Painters Limited AK. 513146. Krusevo Restaurant Limited AK. 516826. Macrocosmic Enterprises Limited AK. 449803. Marc Marlow Accessories Limited AK. 494467. Nalem Investments Limited AK. 352676. New Zealand Metal Detectors Limited AK. 117176. Northern Eden Cabs Limited AK. 475596. Paa Finance & Brokers Limited AK. 118179. Perfecto Print Finishers Limited AK. 323249. Prints And Imports Limited AK. 394999. Project K Limited AK. 100873. R.W. & L.M. Collins Limited AK. 108506. Ram Holdings Limited AK. 512340. Romaleigh Reception Centre Limited AK. 529325. Sacha Imports Limited AK. 309050. Security Twenty Four Limited AK. 385597. Selhurst, Kirk And Associates Limited AK. 477222. Shop And Shelf Limited AK. 474507. Sneb Aluminium Limited AK. 385957. South Pacific Video Distributors Limited AK. 329139. Southern Enterprise Oil Company Limited AK. 115003. Spectrum Insurance Services Limited AK. 398957. Sportways Dive & Ski Limited AK. 353496. Squire Business Consultants Limited AK. 098877. Stockan Brewing Company Limited AK. 354287. Stylus Sales Auckland Limited AK. 392427. Supercool Projects Limited AK. 505558. Supple Support (N.Z.) Limited AK. 254606. Tanzam Holdings Limited AK. 459727. The Promotion Department (New Zealand) Limited AK. 521516. Timeless Furniture Limited AK. 512909. Toia Taxis Limited AK. 110248. Treehouse International Limited AK. 276576. Universal Tours (NZ) Limited AK. 505508. Velcro (N.Z.) Limited AK. 070038. Vineyard Receptions Limited AK. 382117. Western Painting And Decorating Limited AK. 485136. Willmast Holdings Limited AK. 092308. Christchurch A C Prebble Limited CH. 127906. Architectural Trees Limited CH. 530283. Ashton Scaffolding Limited CH. 337098. Ashworth Crushed Metal Limited CH. 542984. Associated Energy Technologies Limited CH. 141234. Baywest Investments Limited CH. 361568. Bendrose Station Limited CH. 133014. Bluegum Park Limited CH. 129673. Campbell Grant NZ Limited CH. 133254. Chesterham Developments Limited CH. 449668. Christchurch City Landscaping Limited CH. 503113. Christchurch Securities Limited CH. 134913. Cognosco Development Services Limited CH. 463924. Colt International Heating & Ventilation NZ Limited CH. 128903. Commercial & Domestic Finance Limited CH. 296464. Competitive Plastics Limited CH. 130423. Country Traders (N.Z.) Limited CH. 140804. Cumberland Credit Corporation Limited CH. 367993. D J & C M Mcdonald Limited CH. 141094. D'Emden Investment Limited CH. 540394. D.K Reinforcing Limited CH. 507664. D.W.G. Henderson Limited CH. 365283. Dpi (NZ) Limited CH. 501004. Eidolon Corporation Limited CH. 479306. Erdos Ventures Limited CH. 369964. Gibraltar Shelf No. 22 Limited CH. 488973. Gleniti Supermarket Limited CH. 388721. Gleniti Tavern Limited CH. 474063. Goodwill Tower Limited CH. 550494. Hamburgischen Vermogensverwaltungs- Und Beteiligungesellschaft (NZ) Limited CH. 532994. Haven House Farm Limited CH. 247198. Heather Jenkin Accessories Limited CH. 141828. Hindley Equities Limited CH. 369984. Hislop Holdings Limited CH. 546397. J A & J M Macpherson Limited CH. 142686. Jenrae Enterprises Limited CH. 134563. Joblott & Co Limited CH. 505798. Kenyon Industries (South Island) Limited CH. 397964. Kingfish Union New Zealand Co. Limited CH. 546683. Martin Donnithorne & Co Limited CH. 137398. Matatoki International Limited CH. 318065. Mega Timber International Limited CH. 140945. Messenger Farms N Z Limited CH. 141823. Midtown Dairy Limited CH. 389755. Mobile Bakery & Food Services Limited CH. 542184. Morfield Enterprises Limited CH. 134526. Mt Harris Lumber Coy Limited CH. 453503. N.B. Page Limited CH. 129213. N.Z.L. Marine Limited CH. 554994. North Canterbury Auto Centre Limited CH. 135113. Northland Chemical Applicators Limited CH. 133457. Northtown Records & Gift Centre Limited CH. 139887. Oranje Enterprises Limited CH. 141434. P & N Mantai Engineering Limited CH. 137243. P.Kearney Graphics Limited CH. 411434. Papanui Recycling Depot Limited CH. 556593. Parker And Davison Panelcraft Limited CH. 337477. Pattie Productions Limited CH. 363044. Pono Carvings Limited CH. 540994. Quality Pizzas (1986) Limited CH. 136664. R W Williamson Limited CH. 133653. Racecourse Hill Farm Limited CH. 376484. Rhodes Shelf No. 18 Limited CH. 395623. Rhodes Shelf No. 23 Limited CH. 413816. Santonia Management Limited CH. 475233. Schneider Contracting Limited CH. 343914. Seed Orchard Services Limited CH. 546393. Shining City Properties Limited CH. 548984. Southern Cross Outfitters (N.Z.) Limited CH. 485284. St Albans Investments Limited CH. 130054. Strategies And Projects Limited CH. 479414. Sturmon Shelf (No 12) Limited CH. 553644. Summer And Winter Fuels Limited CH. 237184. Sylvia Equities Limited CH. 412953. T & L Racecraft Limited CH. 499684. Tasman Tailors Menswear Limited CH. 132439. Taylor Shaw & Anderson Solicitors Nominee Co Limited CH. 133927. Tempus Fugit Limited CH. 142305. The Engineering Consortium Of Canterbury Limited CH. 400298. The Sunshine Card Company Limited CH. 556383. Thom Rob'T J Window & Glass Repairs Limited CH. 499694. Tialle Entertainments Limited CH. 455913. Tillie Haven Fashions Limited CH. 373816. Toy Warehouse Properties Limited CH. 123855. Ventor Investments Limited CH. 451544. Vibratec Limited CH. 525504. Vidmac New Zealand Limited CH. 556094. Volume Holdings Limited CH. 137754. Westland Panelboard Limited CH. 435164. Westwood Estate Limited CH. 125554. Worcester Chambers No 1 Limited CH. 440923. Zagato Clothing Co Limited CH. 136048. N. HARRIS, Registrar of Companies. Dated the 9th day of November 1993.
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2 Dec 1993

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